About James Burnett

Technology is being developed at a faster rate than ever before. In order to come up with new technology we must surround ourselves with people who have great ideas.

The best ideas come from people who think outside the box. I live outside the box.

Hello and welcome my name is James Burnett. I’m a senior software engineer with over twenty years of professional experience in a wide variety of industries that include military & defense, security, industrial controls, HVAC chiller development, FinTech, web development and even real estate.

I specialize in the design and development of robust, simple and flexible software using C++, Python, web languages and machine learning technology.

My experience has ignited a passion for the rapid and efficient development of next generation tools and software. Technology moves faster than most companies can keep up with and I strive to be the bridge between that technology, the people that I work for, and their customers.

Experience & Skills

Connect with me on Linked In.

C/C++ – 15 years
Python – 6 years
HTML/CSS/JS – 19 years

Linux – 26 years
Machine Learning/Neural Networks – 6 years
ANN – 6 years
Tensorflow/Keras – 3 years
dLIB (CNN dev) – 3 years

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