Amcrest lacks key features expected in security cameras.

Amcrest lacks key features expected in security cameras.

If you are in the market for a Linux compatible security camera you may want to look elsewhere when it comes to the Amcrest brand. The cameras will advertise “web browser” support but the truth is, a plugin is required to access the web interfaces including the administration interfaces and that plugin only works in Windows.

Update: The plugin is not supported on Linux and the Windows and OSX versions have not worked for several years.

Although the cameras do work, it is an extreme hassle to get into the administration interfaces. The only working way is to use Google Chrome on a Windows 10 computer with the Amcrest Web Viewer extension.

Models Tested

Both the IP3M-943B and IPM-722S models have been tested. While there are many more Amcrest models, the IP3M-943B is a 2018 model which experienced the same issues. The 722S has been running for more than 2 years and the 943B has been running for nearly a year with no hardware issues.

RTSP Support

The one thing that Amcrest cameras have going for them is their native RTSP support. RTSP is great for streaming to your Linux computer but if you can’t get into the cameras to set it up, it won’t do you much good!

FTP Support

Amcrest also has FTP support (not SFTP however) which works well with the Linux ProFTPD server daemon, however, you can not configure an Amcrest camera with Linux, so again, useless for us simple (Linux) folk.


As of the time of this writing (Feb 21, 2019) both Amcrest cameras function but I can only access the admin interfaces and camera storage using the Amcrest Webview extension which only runs on Chrome for Windows.

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