James Burnett


Daikin Applied Americans
Senior Software Engineer
Lead software developer for next-generation magnitude product line, Linux / C++, Carel Controls

Senior Lab Technician
Controls development, chiller software tester, chiller testing with LabView

Visual Studio Developer
Microsoft C-Sharp, Microsoft SQL, Oracle, Java

United States Army
Radio Operator
Plan, Operate and Maintain SINCGARS, SATCOM, Army Special Operations communications equipment, blue force tracker, netOps, electronic counter measures (ECCM), COMSEC and net controls stations.

Deployed to Iraq in 2008 and 2009 in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Awarded: Army Achievement Medal

Wireless Data Engineer
Linux Server Admin,MMS server lead, LTE LDAP server lead, Penetration Testing, Security, Metasploit, Kali, Suricata


Python, C++/C, Qt, Java, PHP, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript

Software Development
AGILE, Git, Microsoft DevOps, Kiln, DoxyGen, Scrum, software specifications, software deployments, team development, Visual Studio Code

Penetration testing, metasploit, network intrusion detection, social engineering, psyops, surveillance systems, self defense, personal weapon systems, crew-served weapon systems.

Machine Learning, artificial intelligence, TensorFlow, dLib, facial recognition, object detection, data forecasting, data prediction, neural networks.