adventures in software engineering.

The ‘momo’ YouTube challenge. Parents should be concerned.

This article contains explicit words and descriptions of violence. This blog post may be very disturbing to you. This was one of the more diffi

Virginia Laws on Surveillance and Camera Recording.

Visible home surveillance cameras can provide a positive deterrence against would be home invaders, crime, speeders and theft. In Virginia, you a

Weapons detection not eligible under Virginia school security grant.

This is one of the most tangible security technologies that I have worked with that could actually save lives. Just imagine how effective it wou

Run static analysis on C++ code with cppcheck.

cppcheck is a free command line program that will perform static analysis and error checking on C++ code. This is very useful for finding unused

Test your C++ code for Google style conformity with cpplint.

cpplint is a free tool which will check your C++ code for styling issues and errors. Basically, it will amke sure you code is clean and easy to r

PHP code to add items to ClassicPress and WordPress menus.

This PHP code will dynamically add items to a Wordpress or ClassicPress menu. In this example I am adding 4 social media links to the menu I have

How to password protect Apache web pages with htpasswd.

If you are an Apache web sever user or if you use a web hosting service that uses Apache you can require a password to access certain folders and

Taking screenshots with Linux Mint on a Macbook.

Recently I installed Linux Mint 19 on a late 2011 MacBook pro. With the the bloat factor of Apple's OSX increasing every month I decided it was t

Install CUDA 10 on KDEneon and Ubuntu 18.04.

CUDA is parallel computing platform developed my NVIDIA, the top video card producer for both PC and MAC platform. Parallel computing allows for

Amcrest lacks key features expected in security cameras.

If you are in the market for a Linux compatible security camera you may want to look elsewhere when it comes to the Amcrest brand. The cameras wi