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Example code for using the Pi camera with Python.

The following is example Python code for the Raspberry Pi camera. The camera module supports over 30fps at 1080p and has many features that can e

Get the smallest value from a Python list (array).

The following Python code will get the smallest value from within a Python List. matches = matches.append(0.12) matches.append(0.42) match

Visual Studio Code. The best Linux editor with SSH support.

Lets face it, we all love an editor with easy to use SSH file system support and split terminals. There are no shortages of text editors for Linu

Get CPU usage and memory stats in Python.

Geting CPU usage, memory consumption and IOstats in Python is easy when using the psutil python module. "psutil (process and system utilities) i

Setup the WiFi driver on a MacBook for Ubuntu

Ubuntu is a beautiful operating system and is even more beautiful running on a MacBook. If you are installing an Ubuntu 18.04 derivative operatin

Make a bootable USB Linux installer in OSX.

There are a couple ways to create a bootable USB Ubuntu stick on Mac OSX. Using the command line, using disk utility or the easiest way, using UN

Convert your old MacBook into an Ubuntu speed dream!

Ubuntu and KDE Neon will make your older MacBook's run faster than a brand new, top of the line MacBook Pro with OSX Mojave. Despite my early 20

Install proprietary NVIDIA drivers in Ubuntu 18.10.

By default the nouveau driver is used by Ubuntu for computers with NVidia Graphics Processing Units. While this driver works very well out of the

Updating motherboard BIOS firmware with Efiflash.exe from Ubuntu.

If you run Ubuntu (or any Linux for that matter) with a modern Gigabyte motherboard, such as the GIGABYTE AB350M-DS3H, you will probably have som