A guide to installing Python on your computer.

In this blog post I will show you the quickest and easiest way to install Python on your Mac, Linux or Windows computer.

Python is an amazing and flexible programing language. Whether it’s for developing prototypes of software ideas at work or writing stock trading bots in my spare time, Python has remained my most used and favorite language to code in.

Getting started with Python can seem like a daunting task and I hope to make things easy for you.

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Using Python to calculate days between news highs for a stock.

When it comes to swing trading stock options a trader needs to choose an option expiration date for their contracts. Choosing this date has often been brought with confusion and many traders often choose expiration’s that are too short on time.

One thing is for sure, when the options expire the contract is over. If you are an option buyer and your stock options expire out of the money, you lose. If you are an options seller, you may want your option contracts to expire out of the money. Regardless of which leg of the option game you play picking the correct expiration is probably one of the more challenging tasks related to options trading.

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Can stock prices be predicted with LSTM neural networks?

One of the first questions I asked myself when I started working with neural networks was, can I write a program to predict the price of a stock with a neural network? There are tons of examples floating around the Internet on forecasting or predicting stock market prices but most of them give only example code without actually addressing the question.

I’ve worked fairly extensively with machine learning technology, mainly using neural networks for object detection and facial recognition. One thing that I have learned is that neural network models need to be trained on data within a set of known parameters.

Can the human brain learn without first experiencing or seeing something? Can you use an orange to teach a young child that apples are red?

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How COVID helped me increase software development productivity.

2020 was a crazy and chaotic year for all of us and as a software engineer it could have been much crazier. Designing software on paper doesn’t require any special technology to achieve but when it comes to writing software and testing prototypes, that’s an entirely different story.

After the first wave of stay-at-home orders came down the pipeline I immediately shifted gears towards developing simulation and emulation that was 100% software based. Normally we would use bench-top testing hardware which consisted of a PC computer that communicates with a programmable logic controllers (PLC) using Ethernet and TCP/IP. Requiring developers, engineers and programmers to bring these bench-tops to their homes was more on the impractical side.

What made more sense to me at the time was writing software that emulated the functionality of the programmable logic controllers (PLC).

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