Taking screenshots with Linux Mint on a Macbook.

Taking screenshots with Linux Mint on a Macbook.

Recently I installed Linux Mint 19 on a late 2011 MacBook pro. With the the bloat factor of Apple’s OSX increasing every month I decided it was time to move on.

Eventually I sold the MacBook to an Apple user who is seemed very enthusiastic to use Linux. Her friend even said that she knew many people that used Linux and thought it would be good to try.

A question came up about taking screenshots in Linux Mint. As you may know, the keyboard on an Apple laptop does not come equipped with a PrintScreen (PrtScn) key. Naturally, she wanted to know how to take screenshots!

With Linux Mint you can bind a sequence of keys to take a screenshot.

Shift-Command-4 is the standard keyboard sequence for taking screenshots in OSX and you can also set this in Linux Mint.

Bind Shift-Command-4 to take screenshots in Linux Mint.

Open the keyboard shortcut preferences in Linux Mint. You can access this through Mint’s main menu, moving the mouse over preferences, and then selecting keyboard from the menu. Click on the Shortcuts tabs at the top. Click the System drop down menu on the right and select “Screenshots and Recordings”.

Select the Keyboard shortcut named “Take a screenshot” and double-click the “Print” option in the Keyboard bindings. The text will change to “Pick an accelator”, at this point press the shift-Command-4 keys like you would in OSX and that new keyboard sequence will be set for taking new screenshots.

Hopefully this will help you take screenshots on your newly transformed MacBook!

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