The ‘momo’ YouTube challenge. Parents should be concerned.

The ‘momo’ YouTube challenge. Parents should be concerned.

This article contains explicit words and descriptions of violence.

This blog post may be very disturbing to you. This was one of the more difficult posts to write because of how real this is and because of the sheer number of unknown victims there are.

We all know that stuff on the Internet can be blown way out of proportion. My goal was to find out if this ‘momo’ challenge is a real threat.

You as a parent should be concerned.

The ‘momo’ challenge is very real and you should be removing all YouTube apps from any device that your children have access to. You should also be communicating with friends and family that your children frequently visit.

How it works on YouTube.

How many of you search for kids videos or even older cartoons? We love the old Bugs Bunny and old cartoons! Whether its Bugs Bunny or Modern Marvels, these videos are uploaded by random and anonymous YouTube users. These users can easily edit the videos and insert inappropriate content at random times in the video. These videos will show up in YouTube searches and YouTube has no way of knowing which videos are infected.

In the case of the ‘momo’ challenge the content is not just inappropriate, it is evil.

These anonymous and evil YouTube users are embedding customized ‘momo’ video clips into random segments of videos. You or your child could be watching Bugs Bunny and then all of a sudden the video will cut to a scene of “momo” saying “I’m going to kill you”. Some videos will instruct the viewer to cause bodily harm to the viewer or members of their family. It’s been reported that one video clip said “go to the kitchen, get a knife and stick it in your mommy’s neck”. Other videos will cut to full fledged hard-core pornography.

Evil is inserted into children’s videos on YouTube.

The process is simple. Creators of these sick videos create a basic video clip with audio instructing the viewer to do harm to themselves or others. They cut and paste this clip into the video they want to “infect”, such as Bugs Bunny. Once done it’s as simple as creating a fake YouTube account and uploading the video.

The video is now searchable, awaiting to victimize someone. An unsuspecting YouTube user may search for “Bugs Bunny” and end up watching an infected video.

Parents be warned!

Make sure that your children do not have full access to free online media outlets like YouTube. Any site that allows users to upload videos will be susceptible.

Your best bet is to stick with paid services like Netflix and Amazon.

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