Updating motherboard BIOS firmware with Efiflash.exe from Ubuntu.

Updating motherboard BIOS firmware with Efiflash.exe from Ubuntu.

If you run Ubuntu (or any Linux for that matter) with a modern Gigabyte motherboard, such as the GIGABYTE AB350M-DS3H, you will probably have some questions when it comes to flashing the BIOS. Gigabyte motherboards uses the Efiflash.exe tool for updating their BIOS firmware but Ubuntu Linux can not run this file.

Inside are the steps on how I was able to flash my BIOS firmware as an Ubuntu user.


Updating your BIOS is risky. This process will created a USB stick that when booted, will update your BIOS. There will be no prompts to bail once the stick boots. ***Make sure you have the correct BIOS update file!***

1. Download the files.

Download the latest BIOS firmware update. Mine was F24C. You will also need to download the “USB Full” FreeDOS image.

2. Create the FreeDOS bootable USB drive.

Plug in a USB thumb drive (1gig or more) and write the FreeDOS image to it. (replace sdc with your drive device)

$ dd if=./FD12FULL.img of=/dev/sdc bs=1M

You should now have a newly created USB stick which looks like this:

root@blackstar:/mnt/d# ls


3. Copy files.

Copy the Efiflash.exe and 350MDS3H.24c BIOS files for your motherboard to the root of the newly created FreeDOS usb stick.


SETUP.BAT is located in the root of your newly created USB stick. This file normally would setup your FreeDOS operating system but we will use it to run the Efiflash.exe program which will update your BIOS firmware.

Open SETUP.bat and autoexec.bat. Erase all the content in SETUP.BAT and replace it with the content of autoexec.bat. You should be left with a SETUP.BAT file with one line.

Efiflash 350MDS3H.24c

5. Reboot

Now you need to reboot and boot off the USB stick.

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