Visual Studio Code. The best Linux editor with SSH support.

Visual Studio Code. The best Linux editor with SSH support.

Lets face it, we all love an editor with easy to use SSH file system support and split terminals. There are no shortages of text editors for Linux, but plenty without built in SSH support. I could install over 50 right now and only 0.05% would have features needed for the modern day programmer.

One editor that has really caught my attention is Microsoft’s Visual Studio Code.

I know what you’re thinking. W-T-F James, Microsoft? Hey, it is what it is. I use what works and what is free. Granted, if Microsoft made Visual Studio Code open source it’d be the ultimate win, but that’ll never happen. Regardless, VSC is a pretty awesome editor.

SSH Support

Most of the coding that I do I’m working on other Linux machines or servers directly. The SSH FS extension for Visual Studio Code is awesome. It lets me work on files from remote servers easily and in a secure manner.

Split Terminals

Another awesome feature is the split terminals. Having side-by-side terminals and the code that is being worked with on the same screen makes for some seriously efficient programming. The terminals split with a right-click spit and you’re up and running.


The extensions list for Visual Studio Code is impressive. When an extensions is made, it works on all versions of Visual Studio Code. This means that a Windows developer that makes and extension for VSC are also contributing for the benefit of Linux users as well.


You can download Visual Studio Here.


Installation for Ubuntu and Debian based users is easy. In Ubuntu, simply double click the “.deb” file in your Downloads folder to install the software.,

An alternative that works on almost every system is using the dpkg command in a Linux terminal as follows:

$ sudo dpkg -i visual-studio-code-x.x.x.deb

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