adventures in Prototyping.

Stream live video with Python and RTSP

The following code will stream live video into usable frames within a Python program. OpenCV contains a VideoCapture feature that lets you ea

Installing a Python development environment in Linux.

Python is one of the best, if not the best, programming language for developing cross-platform software. There are so many pre-programmed l

$3000 profit SPY strategy discovered via Python back-testing.

I was making a youtube video about a strategy I heard about on twitter and some other stock market chat rooms. The strategy consisted of buying a

Calculate the Relative Strength Index (RSI) with Python.

The Relative Strength Index of a stock can be calculated with Python with a simple function. The function utilizes a time series dataframe provid

Simple code to place a stock order with Alpaca and Python.

I'm loving Alpaca more and more for back-testing and automated trading. One of the first items on my to-do list was to create very simply code fo

Download stock data with Python and Alpaca.

This is a very basic code snippet for downloading data using the Alpaca API. You can get a free API for paper-trading through alpaca which will g

Review: A Beginner’s Guide To Day Trading Online.

A Beginner's Guide To Day Trading Online 2nd Edition is one of the better books I have read on trading the stock market. The author, Toni Turner,

Forecast stocks with Python and FbProphet.

Forecasting stocks with Python is actually really easy to do with the fbProphet model developed by Facebook. The following code will download the

Howto back test your trading strategies with Python.

Python is an amazing tool for back-testing stock trading strategies. In this article and video I will show you how to get started with writing yo

How to download stock market data with Python.

Data is the key to developing investing tools in Python. Lucky for us a company called AlphaAdvantage provides a free API which we can use in you