May 12, 2021

Get Tradier account info in Python.

Getting stock trading account data is an important small step for building a stock trading bot. We need account data to determine if our trading

May 11, 2021

Getting basic stock data and calculating indicators in Python.

One of the most basic and necessary steps to building a stock trading bot is to get stock data. You need stock data so that you can code your bot

May 11, 2021

Getting started with building a stock trading bot in Python.

To get started with building a stock trading bot in Python we will need to complete a couple tasks. Before we get started with coding I want to g

May 11, 2021

Lets build a Tradier Stock Trading bot.

I've been having a lot of fun writing various stock trading apps in Python. I've coded a back-testing program, an RSI Alert bot and several other

May 7, 2021

Intro to Python programming 1. Hello World.

Welcome to my introduction to Python programming tutorial. In this tutorial I will guide on how to get started with Python programming. First we

May 5, 2021

Install ThinkOrSwim on Debian 10 Linux.

Seeing companies support Linux brings music to my ears. One thing that is really lacking for Linux was a good stock trading platform. I've been a

Mar 6, 2021

Alpaca stock data averaging issue resolved.

As I'm sitting here coding a new Swing Trading Python bot with the Alpaca API I noticed that one of my simple moving average values isn't calcula

Feb 19, 2021

AlgoTrading: An intro to back-testing with RSI and Python.

The following code implements an very basic buy signal idea using a the relative strength index (RSI) and a counter to determine if a stock has d

Feb 15, 2021

What happens if you buy one share of SPY every month?

This code will simulate the purchase of one share of stock every thirty days for as much historical data as the data provider can provide. In the

Feb 15, 2021

Forecast stock prices with Python and FbProphet.

Forecasting is a sub-discipline of prediction that uses data based on time to produce an output. Using Python and the FBProphet python module we